A custom solution that delivered maximum flexibility

The Challenge

Every small to medium-sized business leader today understands the importance of a flexible supplier relationship. Unfortunately for Madisono’s, a Cincinnati-based gelato and sorbet manufacturer, their then-existing label supplier required a high minimum order quantity which made ingredient adjustments and new product tests extremely difficult. And, to make the relationship more difficult, the label supplier had begun to outsource its printing which resulted in higher overall costs. The lack of flexibility and increased costs gave Madisono's no choice but to begin exploring new supplier options.

Our Custom Solution

Our expert consultants began by addressing the most critical business need for Madisono's--flexibility. To help the process of ingredient adjustments and new product trials, our label art and design team presented Madisono’s with a single label design option that could be used for all the company’s products—regardless of flavor. Then, to ensure each unique product had the appropriate ingredient label, we provided a Zebra printing system to be used within Madisono’s’ operation. For the small gelato and sorbet manufacturer, this was a total game changer. Printing one universal label for all products, and then being able to print independent attributes in-house, offered the perfect amount of customization and flexibility.

“(The Zebra Printing System setup) was a total game changer. We were able to leverage scale to accommodate saving money. BGR was able to provide us the flexibility with the sensitivity to costs.”

-Matt Madison

The Impact for Our Client

The leading food manufacturer successfully launched an impressive new product line for a very important customer. Our digital printing process and 24-hour service provided the flexibility needed to meet the challenging demands of a new product launch.

Not only was Tech II able to increase production speed and decrease scrap rates, they were also able to utilize BGR’s expertise to introduce a new, in-house labeling program to their own clients - effectively driving increased revenues and attracting new clients.

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