Eliminate the real costs of procurement with BGR Buyless™ Inventory Management solutions.

Never Order Packaging Again

Eliminate purchase orders, manual logs, and stockout emergencies with BGR’s suite of Buyless™ Inventory Management Services. Choose from an On-Site Inventory Manager, Vending System, or RFID Smart Zone to monitor your inventory levels and automatically replenish your supplies when you are getting low.

What We Offer

BGR can help streamline your inventory management strategy with the following:

  • On-Site Inventory Manager
  • Vending Systems NEW
  • RFID Smart Zone NEW

Put Buyless™ Inventory Management to work in your facility:

  • Regularly scheduled inventory counts by your inventory manager means you’ll always have what you need on hand
  • Vending units can be placed right next to your line so employees can get their supplies immediately
  • 24/7 passive RFID readers automatically record whenever RFID-tagged inventory enters or leaves the Smart Zone
  • Inventory levels are remotely monitored by BGR so we know in real time when you replenish your supplies

On-site Inventory Management

Your BGR Inventory Manager will regularly monitor packaging material inventory levels at your location, while keeping a local safety stock–making sure you always have what you need on hand so you can stay focused on what’s important.

  • No equipment is needed for this service
  • Keep in regular contact with your rep
  • Select from automated or assisted ordering

Vending Systems NEW

On-site vending systems provide efficient point-of-use access to increase your productivity. Locate your vending units right next to your line so that employees can get their supplies immediately. On-demand reports make supply use totally traceable.

  • Pay for only what you use
  • Track & reduce consumption
  • Automate your re-ordering

RFID Smart Zone NEW

Create a virtual BGR store within your warehouse with our new RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. Authorized employees simply enter the enclosed RFID Smart Zone, pick up the supplies they need and return to work–eliminating purchase orders, manual logs and wasted time.

RFID readers detect and track RFID-tagged inventory as it’s removed, which means we can automatically log usage and manage supply levels remotely for you. Now that’s smart!

  • Real time remote monitoring & replenishment
  • 24/7 passive RFID readers track as tagged supplies come and go
  • Reduce consumption and pay for only what you use
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